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Suicide Squad is a bad movie. 

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01:03 AM; Moscow, Northern district.
Problems always come in big packages. That simple truth I’ve learned a hard way long time ago. Whenever you think that you had it all, life always gives you another portion of shit for your lunch. Even now, when the mission seems to be rather easy, I still expect the worst. I looked around. It was quiet and hot summer night and lights in windows faded away one after another.
- Hey, what’s the matter? Are you daydreaming again?
Ilya, my partner, was in good mood, as always. Though I knew that it was just his acting and nothing more. He was concerned about this mission as much as me.
- I don’t understand why Yan had to sent us. It’s not like Karimov brothers are such a threat to send two cyber-agents for them.
- Beats the hell out of me as well, Fel. Don’t bother about that, just think of the mission. By the way, we are close to the target, so be ready.
I just nodded silently. With a light touch of my fingertips I opened the nano-screen before my eyes, or better to say on my eyes, and read the instructions of the mission. Forgot to mention that I as well as Ilya are cybernetically enhanced agents that are used for rather specific missions – infiltration, sabotage, assassination and other kind of subversion, so common in the underhanded games of corporations, politicians or organized crime. Sometimes it is really hard to tell one from another. Sounds a little nasty, but for people like me who found themselves unwanted by their governments after the Great Oil War was over there was quite simple choice – to die on the verge of this life as an outcast or to survive of spite the circumstances.
And still none of that made sense. Karimov brothers were just petty thugs, even if they thought otherwise. What they could possibly do that Yan Basurov, CEO of Verona Corp. would want them eliminated? Another few fingertip touches and on my nano-screen appeared the scheme of all cams and turrets that guarded Karimov’s hide-out. Now I just had to break into their security system. I could do it right on the spot but to ensure the minimal risk I plugged a cybernetic implant into my hindhead socket. Their security system never had a chance to stand – Basurov always provided his agents with the finest equipment. Ilya was scanning the area for any threat with his hand firmly resting on his Talon M2A3 .45 caliber pistol. It took only a minute to compromise the security system and now we had around ten minutes to do our job. Piece of cake, right?
- Go.
With a slight movement of my eyes I closed the nano-screen and took my Talon from the holster. Even with their electronic guard down there still were a plenty amount of manpower inside the building. We moved quickly to the entrance, which was locked by the electric door with the security code. It took few seconds to hack it and the next moment we were inside the building. It was quite and dark so we had to turn on the night vision module. We moved quickly and quietly until we heard loud cursing. Karimov’s men have discovered that their security system was hacked so now they were on the alert. Though with lights out they’d have a hard time spotting anything and I nor Ilya hadn’t seen any night-vision device on them. I sneaked up to one of them and with a quick hit broke his neck. That caused the others to open fire indiscriminately, but before they could do any harm Ilya and I took them down by few accurate shots.
- Worthless scum. If that is all what they got I am really offended.
As always, Ilya was in the mood for some unfunny jokes. But right after he finished his sentence we heard a growl before us. And when we saw what that creature was, I nervously gulped. It was a genetically modified dog, created specifically for military security. After the war those became illegal in most of countries. Twice the size of regular mastiff and much stronger and faster, these dogs could survive the whole clip of bullets shot into them. It jumped on me and I dodged it just before it closed its jaws on my neck. Ilya was shooting the beast aiming for his head but the dog was really fast and only two bullets reached their target. I had no more than two seconds before this mutant would jump on me again, but it was enough for me to grab my knife. The beast finally reached me and I had to use all of my strength to hold its teethe from my face. I stabbed it with my knife four or five times in his neck before I finally felt that his grip had weakened. Heavily bleeding but still struggling to tear my face with its claws and fangs, the mutant dog was thrown at the wall by Ilya and shot four times in the head. That put an end to his life at last. Heavily breathing I looked at Ilya and said:
- Are you still feeling offended or what?
He just grunted and helped me to stand. My hand was injured by that son of a bitch but unless than that everything was fine.
- Come on, we still have to do our chores with this mess.
With those words Ilya ran down the corridor and I followed him, quickly treating my arm with a med hypo. That would cure the wounds in a few moments. Gotta love technology.
Cybernoir (preview)
A small preview of a story I'm currently working on. It will include a lot of cyberpunk and sci-fi themes with a portion of noir. Action takes place in non-distant future after a long and gruesome war between states for the remains of oil and natural gas on the planet. After the war was finally more than a half of states were in ruins and governments were unable to keep thing under control. Corporations became the power that has rebuilt the world and they use their own private armies to enforce their orders and corporate laws. And orginised crime never had a better chance to use all this chaos for it's own profit. So that is where we come to our main character Felix Ragmushev, former member of Russian Special Forces and current cyber-agent working as a mercenary.
I would like to hear your opinion about that. Should I continue this? Or maybe you have some suggestions? I'd like to hear any of it.
So, last night my sister and I watched "Hunchback of Notre Dame". Well, for me it was actually the second time, but the last time I've watched it was at least a decade ago, if not more. So after ninety minutes filled with irrationality, logical loops, political correctness and a bunch of songs we came to conclusion that it is really hiped piece of crap. There is nothing special in this film except Frolo's song and occasional tits of Esmeralda. And a goat. Just a very dull interpretation of French tragedy for American kids. Seriously, they told a lot about Frolo's racism towadrs Gypsies and that they are an ordinary people and not a bunch of thugs, frauds, outlaws and whores untill... Untill it turned out that it is exactly it! They are a bunch of thugs, frauds, outlaws and whores, just the moment when Feb and Quasy entered in their hideout and were merely hanged. Yes, Frolo was an asshole but that single scene proved that he was right all that time! But still, because of political correctness, Frolo was shown as bastard and Gypsies were some kind of freedom fighters. Oh, that American cliche about freedom, democracy and all that jazz... I'm not even talking about logical loops with tomatoes or tobacco before the discovery of the New World. So in conclusion I want to say that I was badly disappointed in this film which is considered as one of Disney's gems. The title that it doesn't deserve.
And merry Orthodox Christmass.
And merry Orthodox Christmass.

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